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The Fuelcard People are delighted to offer the Esso card

- with a nationwide network of filling stations where your drivers can fill up with diesel & petrol without needing cash.

The aim of The Fuelcard People is to be YOUR strategic partner to meet your individual needs, whilst offering the highest level of service at the most competitive prices.

This proposal will identify the following key areas, which we feel will be of benefit to you and YOUR business:

Esso Value

Low prices - Up to 4p per litre saving off the national average diesel price

Fixed weekly diesel price - Available at all Esso sites throughout the UK

No regional price variances - The same low diesel price wherever you fill up in the UK

Pay as you go - No cash tied up in your tank in yard stock, only pay for the fuel you use

Interest free credit and simple payment terms - No up front payments*

Esso Service

Convenience - 70% of people live within a 2 mile radius of an Esso service station

Over 1100 UK sites - Highest quality nationwide network

Motorway coverage - Esso has a comprehensive motorway service area network

Free fuel management reporting - Detailed and flexible fuel analysis reports available FREE online 24 hours a day

Esso Quality

No unauthorised purchases - Fuel card use is restricted to fuel and lubes only

Individually tailored fuel cards - Individual cards can be set with purchasing options/restrictions for your added peace of mind and control

Quality fuels - Our Esso fuelcards are accepted at all Esso service stations supplying the highest quality petroleum products for you and your business

The Fuelcard People is a part of DCC - The leading oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sales, marketing and distribution business in Britain and Ireland.

*subject to credit status

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